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Solo Lady gratefully acknowledges hundreds of contributing writers, experts, authors, bloggers, message board participants and tech advisors.

Our special contributors include David Bigera, Judy Bluth, Alys Bohn, Colin Browning, Bella DePaulo, Barry Diamond, Tiia Hyskre, Barbara Kafka, Dian Larkin, Belle Lederer, Barbara Levin, Amy Lippman, Maria Lisella, Michael Marion, Andy Mirsky, and Janet Rodgers.

Lea Lane, The Solo Lady
Lea is an award-winning writer and communicator. She hosts a TV travel show in the New York City area, writes for websites, magazines, newspapers (including The New York TImes),has authored six books (including Solo Traveler), and contributes to dozens of others. She wrote a column called "Going It Alone," for Gannett Newspapers, and was managing editor of "Travel Smart" newsletter. She is a frequent, featured blogger at huffingtonpost.com, opensalon.com and concierge.com.

Lea has earned two and a half college degrees. She has been a high school teacher and college lecturer, vice president of a tech company, an actress ("Nurse One" in a low-budget indie film), an off-Broadway producer, a produced musical playwright (off-off-off Broadway), a counselor for foster children. As a writing consultant for businesses and government, she has trained over a thousand people to write better, using her book, Steps to Better Writing.

Divorced once, widowed once, Lea was happily solo for most of her adult life, and recently married, proving once again that love may come when you least expect it. She has two wonderful grown sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two adorable little granddaughters, Sabrina Rose and Chloe Jordan. She lives in Florida when she isn't traveling the world, and writing and speaking about it.

Lea Lane's goal as Solo Lady founder and editor is for viewers to realize, enhance and enjoy the many options and opportunities of solo living!


Lea is available for interviews and articles:SoloLady@sololady.com

Solo Traveler: Tales and Tips for Great Trips, 1st Edition (Special-Interest Titles)



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