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Welcome to your Solo Lady community, created for single women everywhere. We'll help you realize and enjoy the many options and opportunities of living solo. Just look on the left side column to link to our many features, including our superb, exciting solo-centric travel ideas in the Travelista section.

Solo Lady has been going strong for over five years. So enjoy, and participate with us. Please bookmark us as a favorite site, place our icon on your toolbar, and tell other single women about us! We'll expand your horizons, enhance your world, and enrich your independent life!

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Today is Friday, August 23, 2019 On my way to Israel, with a short hop to Petra, in Jordan. Look forward to this trip. I have not been to Israel since 1971!

Check out Janet's great travel column! Newest trips: Learning languages and more around the world ... a Mexican nosejob ...a train in Spain. Or read about a nomadic tribe in Equador, and tours to Cuba, Burma, Oxford, Morocco, the Baltic and around the world!

Reminder: The solo rooms on the Norwegian Cruise lines huge new ship, the Epic, are terrific. Tiny, but lovely. And the halls are lighted in neon, and there's a separate lounge just for solos ---and NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT! This is a first for a major cruiseline, and hopefully the start of a new trend.

My son Rand's book, The Zeroes, reads like a novel about the financial meltdown. And the link is-- Here



Golf at the Doral Marriott Resort and Spa in Miami is legendary – and because a forecaddie is included in the greens fees at its famed TPC Blue Monster course, golfing alone at Doral is not only a high-end experience, it’s social.
The caddy for my round that 75-degree, January day in Miami, was Brian O’Neal, an affable, 26-year-old West Virginia transplant turned looper.
As a 6-handicapper himself, Brian was more than a passive assistant raking traps and repairing divots, he was the manager and intellectual guide of my round. His white jumpsuit really a guise for a golf soothsayer and my personal medium of golf enlightenment on Doral’s 7000 yard beast.
As my sherpa as well as shaman, Brian never shied away from offering wise but gentle advice. I was leaving putts short most of the round; Guidance would shine down from behind me like a golf deity (with a thick West Viriginia accent). Hole 6: “Be mindful of the grain of the grass, Mr. Lane.” Hole 9: “The wind will give you and extra boost, Mr. Lane.” Hole 14: “Bigger breakfast next time, Mr. Lane.”
When my pestering fade reared its head, the voice would twang, “You’re opening up at impact, Mr. Lane. May I show you a correction that I think would help?” Yes, Brian. Yes you may.
On the Blue Monster’s signature 18th hole, Brian insisted I use my 5-iron on my final approach shot of the round. Breaking 100 was in the balance, 130 of the 171 yards I had left to the pin were water and I was pulling my 5-iron badly all day. I was thinking a 7-wood would safely clear the hazard. “You’ve got this one, Mr. Lane. A 5-iron is the right club, right now.” My faith in my personal golf guru had built up over the round that I used the 5-iron as advised and proceeded to put the ball 4 feet from the hole. Par. Picture attached.
Have no fear if you don’t draw Brian O’Neil as your caddy the day you play Doral; most of the caddies at Doral all serious ballers. For example, Brian’s roommate, Joe (and caddy for the group ahead of us), weighs in at a svelte 2-handicap.
Caddies are included in the Blue Monster greens fees, but can also be hired for any of their 4 other signature courses: The Gold Course, Red Course, McClean Course and the Great White Course.
It’s going to be very hard humping my own bag again, as well as reverting to giving myself the same, miserable golf advice. However, I’m confident the “voice of God” will continue to guide me going forward.www.marriott.com



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A girl, a boy, a city:  To Meet in Quebec, by Alys Bohn


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Solo Traveler topics include:
Dining alone ... Solo-friendly lodgings ... Group and special-interest travel, including girl-getaways and ditching the group ...
Socializing with locals and finding romance along the way ... Traveling with pets ... Smart ways to save and spend
...and so much more!

With warmth and humor, Lea helps you conquer your fears, make intelligent choices, and appreciate solo travel not just as a different way to go, but the ultimate way to go! Solo Traveler: Tales and Tips for Great Trips, 1st Edition (Special-Interest Titles)


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